The Strange Land of Agaricales


As you open your eyes and look around you, you realize that you’re sitting at a large dining table with seven others. Upon the table sits the remains of a feast. You recognize boiled mutton and soft cheese, pickled sausage with turnips, braised phoenix with dried plums and tankards of what appear to be cider, ale and stout. It appears to have been sitting here for some time. Some of it is beginning to mold and attract flies.

Your memories of what happened are foggy at best. The last thing you remember is having an ale at the Lewd Maiden, a local tavern. It was quite loud with patrons talking, laughing and singing along with the duo of minstrels playing in the corner.

It was quite a strange scene in the tavern. The minstrels and some of the patrons wore what appeared to be black and white paint on their faces. It was as if they were preparing for a war with a neighboring tribe. As the minstrels played there was a tall man with bright red hair walking around the room. The man wore a flowing robe and a star-covered turban with a large feather in the front. As he walked he would sometimes bump into people, excuse himself, and move on.

There were many other notable things happening during the performance. A brown bear stood on its hind legs, leaning against a pole and enjoying an ale. There was a man sitting in a corner drinking, but otherwise not really interacting with anyone. He wore a large, semi-spherical red hat with a random design of white patches on it. Thrinain, the daughter of Count Eldwic, was quite drunk and at the end of the night invited the entire tavern over to her manor to continue the party.

The last thing you remember (and only vaguely) was being at Thrinain’s manor, dancing, and having a great time.

As you are coming to your senses, you realize that the woman at the head of the table is not moving. She is face down on the table with her arms sprawled out in front of her. A dagger protrudes from her back and blood has dripped down onto the carpet. There also appears to be blood staining the table cloth under her face.


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