Long ago, the land of Agaricales was ruled by an autocrat known only by the name the Destroying Angel. She was often referred to simply as Destroyer, for she was a wicked and terrible woman who seemed to find pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. Everyone despised her. Even the Generals of her mighty army thought her too cruel but would not go against her orders. To not obey an order was to sign one's own death warrant.

Destroyer was part of a long line of rulers known as the Amanitas. Her mother, Pantherina the Horrible, had built one of the strongest armies in all of Agaricus. Destroyer used this army to invade the country of Boletales. Finding the conquering of this land too easy, she decided to then invade Lepidos. This proved to be a bigger challenge but in the end Agaricales prevailed and assimilated both Boletales and Lepidos into its realm.

The other countries of Agaricus became nervous. They formed a secret council and met to discuss what to do with the Destroyer and her apparent ambition to continue to conquer other lands. There were complaints of Destroyer forcing citizens of Boletales and Lepidos into hard labor. She forced them to build her fortress, work the fields, and spend their lives in the hot, humid forges used to keep her army supplied. The council came up with a plan.

It was well known that Destroyer and her most powerful General, Death (short for Death Angel), were not fond of each other. Defectors of the army of Agaricales would often speak of hearing officers talk about Death not agreeing with Destroyer and the long and heated discussions that often preceded battle plans. The council decided to reach out to Death and offer assistance if she would agree to usurp the Destroyer.

The council was comprised of powerful wizards and they used their power to secretly reach out to Death and request a meeting. The meeting was accepted and occurred near the border of Boletales and Atheliales. The council's deal stipulated that, in return for aid in the overthrow of Destroyer, Death would grant the countries of Boletales and Lepidos their independence. Death was power hungry. She agreed to the deal and a plan was drawn up.

One month later, Death, accompanied by the armies of Atheliales and Corticales along with her own loyal troops, initiated a coup against the Destroyer. The battle last for three weeks. In this time, there were great storms. There were earthquakes. The moon became as blood in the sky. In the end, Death was victorious. The body of the Destroyer was found in her palace without a mark on it but she was clearly dead. Death decided to make a spectacle of it and hold a public funeral complete with an enormous pyre. The body wouldn't burn. It was both an embarrassment and an anomaly. Nobody, not even the wizards of the council, understood why the Destroyer would not burn. They decided to build a tomb one thousand feet below the Mountain of Sorrow and placed her body there. The entrance to the tomb is guarded around the clock but thus far, nothing strange has ever occurred at the tomb.

As agreed, the countries of Boletales and Lepidos were given their independence as Death became the ruler of Agaricales. Although she had conceded to these conditions for help in usurping the Destroyer, she hungers for more power.

It has been fifty years since Death conquered the Destroyer and became the ruler of the land. Her army is strong but she desires more. Since her rise to power, the size of the army has increased by three hundred percent. The work is harder and the recruits younger. It is now law for all men and women to join the military upon reaching adulthood in order to serve Death and their country. She sits in her palace and plots her next move in building her empire.